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release final grades D2L
short (5 min) tutorial available Follow us: IMS blog: Facebo (More)
Twitter engagement (More)
library of congress twitter
Library Of Congress Will No Longer Archive Every Tweet December 26, 20175:56 PM ET  )
editorial responsibility for social media
Germany to implement law of editorial responsibility for Social Media The law has been criticized as encouraging censorship. The companies will also (More)
news RSS
Why RSS Still Beats Facebook and Twitter for Tracking News (More)
psychology of social networks
The Blogger’s Guide To Understanding The Psychology Of Social Networks Last Updated: July 6, 2017 By More)
mastodon microblogging A beginner's guide to microblogging on Mastodon Meet Mastodon, the open source Twitter alternative that's spreading like wildfire. Posted 0 (More)
Video Blogging
Video Blogging: How to Create Consistent YouTube Content (More)
extend tweets
How to extend tweets beyond 140 characters (More)
social media 2017
12 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2017 From the Pros   February 15, 2017 More)
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