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The nonbinary "they"
The nonbinary pronoun 'they' has been added to the dictionary.— Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) More)
on the 56 anniversary of the terrorist bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL
In memory of the bombing.... They were found together. Two were so close their limbs touched. Sunday dresses tattered. Bodies shattered. Lives taken by killers for whom they didn't matter. They did and they do. Never forget Denise, Carole, Cynthia (More)
Leonard Pitts' "The fable of the emperor's new clothes, with nuclear weapons"
Leonard Pitts' opinion column today—in part responding to the doctoring of the weather map Trump used to suggest he was accurate in saying Alabama was in the path of Dorian—investigates the nature of Trump's lies and what they suggest. Here's the lea (More)
Gmorning. (More)
Gnight. Long game today. You get dunked on and fouled and disrespected. But you stay in it. You learn and you get up and you stay in it By god, win or lose, you stay in it Rest up. — Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) More)
US immigration officials barred Palestinian man arriving for first year at Harvard
Ten days ago, US immigration officials barred a Palestinian man from Lebanon who had arrived in the US to begin his freshman year at Harvard. Today, he returned and was admitted, in time for classes tomorrow. https:/ (More)
AOC on legal immigration
Some anti-immigrant folks like to say: “We’re not against immigration, we’re against “illegal” immigration.” If that were true, then we would make documented immigration easy & safe. But each & every day, this administration is grinding (More)
Grand Bahama Before and After Dorian
Lord — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) September 3, 2019 (More)
Texas Gunman
Gunman who killed seven people in Texas rampage got his AR-style rifle at a private sale, allowing him to skirt a federal background check.— The Associated Press (@AP) More)
Walmart's new gun and ammunition policies
#Walmart will ban shoppers from openly carrying guns in its stores and stop selling some ammunition in response to 2 deadly shootings! More)
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