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mobile apps for libraries
Apps for Librarians: Empower Your Users with Mobile App Literacy eCourse Nicole Hennig Item Number: 1541-9076  Publisher: ALA Editions Price: $250.00 More)
video project how to
Planning Your Video Project - A Guide for Students (More)
tools video creation
8 Ways to Create Videos on Chromebooks More)
facebook live
4 Ways to Broadcast on Facebook Live That Fit Any Budget By October 10, 2016 More)
video for social media
these tools useful for hybrid and online learning 3 Video Storytelling Tools for Social Marketers By More)
first snow in 360
Well, technically not the first for 2016, but certainly beautiful: Best experience with VR goggles: Google Cardbox, Veve e (More)
Quality Videos Quickly
Video Production: How to Create Quality Videos Quickly By More)
iMovie features
6 Hidden iMovie Features for Better Instructional Videos More)
multimedia on the cloud and mobile (More)
10 old cables you should keep around (and 6 to toss)   (More)
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