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SCSU library digitizing VHS
SCSU library digitizing VHS tapes plan hardware and software digitizing process archiving process issues correspondence among Greg J, Tom H and Plamen correspondence on the LITA listserv regarding "best practices for in h (More)
drones for videographers ++++++++++++ more on drones in this IMS blog (More)
multimedia in learning
Hacking Multimedia for Effective Learning THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018 | 1:00 PM CENTRAL | 60 MINUTES $247 PER CONNECTION THROUGH 05/10/18, $297 THEREAFTER More)
free video converters
Applications to download: Online: (More)
audio recording and editing
5 Audio Recording Tools Compared - 2018 Chart-13pizlw (More)
Editing in MediaSpace
Editing in MediaSpace From the MnSCU Innovation Office: Clipping and Trimming Tools Changes January 14 Kaltura is updating the clipping and trimming tool for all customers on Sunday, January 14th.  A new, HTML5, video editor tool will be avail (More)
Free instruction sessions Thanksgiving
We work with you on your photography, videography and video editing skills: on both desktop/laptop and mobile devices. (More)
post portion of video
How to Share a Portion of a YouTube Video (More)
fake news and video
Computer Scientists Demonstrate The Potential For Faking Video More)
mobile apps for libraries
Apps for Librarians: Empower Your Users with Mobile App Literacy eCourse Nicole Hennig Item Number: 1541-9076  Publisher: ALA Editions Price: $250.00 More)
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