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Shark Tank grant podcast (More)
feedback w technology
I coauthored a guide to giving #feedback using #EdTech for the More)
Flipgrid new features Flipg (More)
video skills digital literacy
Video skills are a valuable gateway to digital literacy Learning to use the equipment and produce content helps students view the media they consume through a more critical lens In a world of digital consumption, teaching students how to create w (More)
drones for videographers ++++++++++++ more on drones in this IMS blog (More)
Hubble telescope picture (More)
physics marble trackes +++++++++++ more about physics in this IMS blog (More)
Cymatic frequences ++++++++++ more videos in this IMS blog (More)
How a CV Carburetor works (More)
Short and Reusable Recordings
Our colleagues from the U of M presented at the Minnesota E-Learning Summit on using videos in your courses. The handout below summarizes their main points about creating engaging, relevant, sustainable videos. One interesting point they made is that (More)
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