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essay checklist
++++++++++++++ more on proofreading in this IMS blog more proofreading techniques for the E (More)
your final project
Your Final Project #FriendlyReminder #FinalProjectdraft is due in a week. In the past two weeks, you have worked on the proofreading and redrafting the version, you need to submit on April 5. Pls post any questions, issues, suggestions, you mig (More)
helpful tips for your next draft
Folks, you are not working toward your next draft for your final project. As shared with you, your next draft will be a process of redrafting several times your manuscript. I also shared with you the most common areas in a need of improvemen (More)
1st draft feedback
Good afternoon everyone, 1. your grades for the first draft of your final project are posted. 2. if you have not submitted your first draft and you want to have shot of possible 40 points (50 minus delayed submission), please let me know 3. (More)
Quality of writing your D2L discussions
Folks, here some tips to improve your writing (and grade), considering the #D2LDiscussionRubric shared with you in the beginning of this class: More)
7 Online Creative Writing Apps to Make Writing Enjoyable for Students
GDC Team has posted a list of resources great for kicking off in-class writing, using an app. (More)
chapter 2 verbiage (More)
literature review __________________________________________________________ More)
synonyms for said
synonyms for said (More)
research process (More)
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