It’s time to start working on your PDRs!

From Lalita Subrahmanyan

PDP & PDR 013

Why January?

January is a good time to being synthesizing the Fall Semester documentation and begin the report writing for faculty Professional Development Reports!  According to the calendar on the Provost’s site, PDRs are due on the last duty day of spring for first year faculty. All other faculty turn in theirs at the start of the Fall Semester.

Two important elements of PDRs

The two most important elements of the faculty PDR are the narrative and the documentation.


The narrative gives us the opportunity to “tell our story.”  If you are on a tenure-track, think of this year’s PDP and PDR as one chapter in the novel you are building that will be your case for why your department colleagues, dean, the Provost and the President should consider you an invaluable and indispensable member of the SCSU faculty community.

For each of the goals listed on your PDP, begin writing a short narrative discussing the progress you have made toward meeting or exceeding that goal. Provide examples of significant actions you may have taken and reference or link your documentation that demonstrate the impact of those actions on your progress. If you did not meet your goal, state why and what other opportunities you took advantage of, instead.


Documentation is very important and intended to support your case. Select your documents carefully, ensure that each set of documents you provide have been referenced in your narrative; do not submit a laundry list of documents with no connections. Some deans would like you to turn in your documentation with your PDR, others ask that you keep it available to be provided if requested.

PDR Café and Workshops

CETL will be organizing two workshops on PDRs in late January and early February. We will also schedule a time for deans to talk about their perspective on PDRs.  Watch for announcements and mark your calendars.


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