The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning’s GuideBlog supports St. Cloud State University faculty members as a community of scholars immersed in ongoing dialogues around learning.

The ultimate goal is to provide an avenue for faculty to help shape the conversation on campus around teaching through blogging and other interactive fora.

Getting Involved

We are always looking for writers who are interested in finding resources, researching the latest news, and writing posts on various topics of interest to faculty. In addition, we encourage ongoing discussions through comments on the blog posts.

When posting or commenting on the blog, we will ask for your name and email address, in case we need to contact you in relation to your content. Your email address will not appear on your comment. We also reserve the right to remove comments or posts that do not meet the expectations of courtesy or relevance.


You are free to share or reference any of the material as long as you give credit to the author.

Open, Positive Communication

We recognize the need for setting certain rules of engagement, specifically, in relation to communication. This GuideBlog is a positive environment for us to engage in lively and in-depth conversations about the latest issues, questions, and problems that impact our work. We want the GuideBlog to be open to all Internet users in an open and unrestricted manner. However, we believe that the dialogue must reflect diverse perspectives and still be courteous, respectful, and relevant. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove comments or posts that do not meet the expectations of courtesy or relevance.

History of the GuideBlog

A preliminary version of the GuideBlog was first prepared in 2012-2013 by a faculty team who put together a set of objectives and collected materials and resources that they felt would be of greatest import for faculty as we negotiate our various roles and responsibilities. The current team has taken the work forward to design and launch a forum not merely to share information, but serve as a platform for discussions on teaching, student learning, and our work as faculty.

If you have any questions about this blog, please email us at cetlga@stcloudstate.edu.


Robin Ewing, Emil Towner, Roxanne Wilson, Lalita Subrahmanyan

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