Dear Readers,

Welcome to the SCSU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning’s Faculty E-Handbook!  We, the E-Handbook Team (Cindy Gruwell, Vonna Henry, Steve Hornstein, Plamen Miltenoff, and Lalita Subrahmanyan), think of the e-Handbook as a living document that fulfills a felt need: to enhance and support our efforts to be effective educators by providing resources and information on teaching and learning and serve as a venue for scholarly discussions .

This year we were able to accomplish some significant tasks—collect, annotate, and organize resources from internal and external sources in four areas: rights and responsibilities of faculty, as well as academic, technology, and student services resources for teaching and learning.  (See individual pages for each category in the table of contents and top menu.) We also examined several online platforms for interactivity, security, robustness, and flexibility and decided to initially start with SCSU’s blog site to launch the handbook.

We believe we have a solid foundation and anticipate that the next team will spend its time fine-tuning the format and structure within the blog, updating the resources as appropriate, and developing ways to encourage interactivity..

Do send us your comments, feedback, or, better still, join the team for the 2013-2014 academic year and reap the benefits of a sense of community with your colleagues as well as a small bonus of additional professional development funds!

Emil, Robin, Roxanne, and Lalita.

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