Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Last Thursday is Thanksgiving Day,we were invited to Mr. and Mrs. Olson’s home to celebrate.Mr Olson cooked many delicious traditional thanksgiving food,like turkey,bread and so on.Mrs Yu Olson specially cooked Chinese food like dumplings,we all like it!

After meal we played some games called SORRY and CLUE broad game.It’s so fun and interesting!

It made me feel at home and we spent a great day!This is my ¬†first Thanksgiving Day it’s so unforgettable!


Last Friday,our school MHES held a Veternans Day celebration ,it was a great opportunity to let me know better that how to be respect to everyone.And here are some veternans of the children’s grandfather,the kids looked very prond when they came forward.

The metro bus showed that on Nov.11,veternans and active military ride free in honor of their service.

I like the way that people show respect to the men and women that have provided service to their country.

A New Life Here

Today is my thirty-ninth day in the United States,everything is going well,and I teach Chinese at Mississippi Heights Elementary School,everyone are kindly to me,kids are always cute.I was very nervous on the first day,but fortunately,I got a lot of help from teachers,I was very happy.


Welcome to Cristina’s blog!Today I’m very excited cause we established a new blog,I have been training in St.Cloud State University for four days,everyone is nice and friendly,the campus is beautiful,I believe I can have a good time at Minnesota!

Hello world!

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