Reading Reflection #1: Critical Thinking

Asking the Right Questions (ARQ) Chapter 1:

  1. One characteristic of a critical thinker are that of being someone who doesn’t respond to what is right in their face, they see the underlying meaning. Another characteristic of a critical thinker is someone who is always curious about what things mean. You have to be able to ask questions in order to receive the true meaning to what something really means. The theme of being curious falls in as one of the themes we discussed as a class for the classroom agreement.
  2. The purpose of weak-sense critical thinking is to resist and annihilate opinions and reasoning different from yours. Strong-sense critical thinking does not necessarily force us to give up our initial belief but instead can it allows us to use those opinions and reasoning for a deeper level of understanding. That is also why it can be more difficult for a strong-sense than a weak-sense level of critical thinking.
  3.  Argument in class means to talk about an issue amongst each other and figure out what something really means. This differs from having an argument with our parents because we are more easily influenced by what are parents have to say than the discussion in the classroom.
  4.  It is so difficult to find the “right answer” in today’s society because there are so many “right answers” that align with what other people believe in. Society is so influenced by a number of different aspects that this is the reason why it is so hard to figure out what really is the “right answer.”

Why Questioning?:

  1. This chapter relates to my experiences in that I have seen that questioning is an important part of today’s society. Being able to question can really set you apart from 99% of today’s people. Today, I would not be where I am now if I didn’t take the initiative and ask questions along with wanting to find a deeper level of understanding between things. It is fascinating to me that schools and other places are not doing enough to prepare students for the future. Yes, the math skills are important but when it comes to memorizing facts for a grade, that is where the system falls apart. It should be more than memorizing functions. It should be asking questions and figuring out how to do something instead.
  2. Children stop asking questions because they feel constricted from outside influences such as parents and friends. They feel that they wont be liked based on being able to ask so many questions and they also feel like they will get picked on because of it. People like Bezos and Jobs keep questioning because they know the power that comes with it. They know that in order to keep society moving forward you have to be able to question no matter what people think of you.
  3.  As a college student, questioning comes as a big part of understanding how to do a problem or what is it that you should do next. Ultimately if you question allot throughout your college education, you will be able to understand more and be able to understand things from a deeper level. Questioning in my future profession plays a role in that I will have to be able to question what something does and how it works in order to understand what part or upgrade something could use. Questioning plays a major role in the engineering world. You have to meet certain constraints and figure out what a customer wants. You have to ask questions to understand what needs to be done to ensure every standard is being met.

– Daniel Moreno

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