Reading Reflection #10: Overcoming Obstacles to Critical Thinking

What Reasonable Conclusions Are Possible?

  • Dichotomous thinking is when someone thinks that there is only two direct answers. A yes and a no. It ends up restricting our vision to see the other possibilities. Should we be looking for extraterrestrial life? Some people may just give it a yes or no answer there are other reasons to guide thinking. Sometimes it may not be better to focus but other times it would be extremely important to go look for these life forms.
  • ┬áThe dangers are that we often miss or overlook some important reasons to help us make the best decisions. Grey-thinking helps us to start and formulate other questions that we can ask ourselves to get to a solution. If-then clauses help us to get to a conclusion faster with understanding less context.


  • My thinking has changed in that I have been able to look at questions at a much deeper context and try to really understand what the person is asking for and what else they could mean by the information that is given. I have been able to apply this to many of my other school work too outside of HONS 250.
  • I have learned that I am capable of understanding a deeper underlying meaning to information and that I have become more aware of how I interact with news articles, the television news, etc.
  • Beyond this semester I will look at more sources that are trusted and really find the deeper meaning behind what is given.

– Daniel Moreno


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