Miller Center

Other Resources

  • Purdue University has resources on the American Psychological Association (APA) format.
  • St. Cloud State’s The Writing Center offers individualized help and additional online writing resources.
  • The Statistical Consulting Center is a free service for students, faculty and staff that offers assistance in using statistics to support your research. The center will help you to design your survey and interpret the results.
  • Use Sage Research Methods Online to learn more about design and methods.
  • Search MNCAT Discovery for books and articles on theory, design, methods, and analysis.
  • Read about specific statistical techniques and software packages, for example,  SPSS or SAS. For example, offers online tutorials and some libraries and OIT labs have this software.
  • Learn about data management best practices.  Data management plans assist you in planning the types of data you will collect, standards to document your data (metadata), security measures to protect the confidentiality of your subjects and intellectual property, and methods for archiving and sharing your data.
  • Review dissertations with similar designs and methods to learn about what worked well and what obstacles occurred.