Eccentric eLearning definitions


Welcome to EEK (Eccentric Electronic Knowledge).  This blog will have a post once a week on news related to electronic resources, technology, and libraries.  It is meant to be interactive in that I hope to see others post their views/news on electronic resources and libraries, or ask electronic resource related questions that are thought provoking or eccentric.

This week’s bit:  Define eLearning.

One website offers four definitions for eLearning based on four forms and various author’s views: Internet, Eccentric, Electronic, and Framework.  (For more details on these definitions go to:

According to the eccentric based definition, eLearning involves almost everything related to electronics, from network or web-based learning to interactive TV, but not training.  Go figure…at this website I found out about an article written by Peter Drucker in 2000.  In it he defines eLearning as just-in-time education integrated with high velocity value chains. Now that’s an eccentric definition. I have included the citation to the article, for those who need to know more about velocity value chains.

Drucker, P. (2000). Need to Know: Integrating e- Learning with High Velocity Value Chains. A Delphi Group White Paper.

Happy reading!

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