Adopting Animals With Medical Issues

Adopting Animals With Medical Issues


When thinking about adopting or fostering a pet you might not think about all the animals with medical issues looking for homes. Taste of the Wild says “While about 2.7 million animals are adopted from shelters each year, about the same number are euthanized, according to the ASPCA. Despite the growth in no-kill shelters and rescue organizations, pets with chronic disease may be overlooked and ultimately put to sleep”. Just like adopting any animal, there are pros and cons to it. If you can handle both the pro’s and con’s on this list you should consider adopting or fostering an animal with medical issues. Having two dogs of my own with medical issues and coming from a family that has been adopting and fostering animals my whole life, I know it can be hard at times. Here are my pro’s and con’s list of adopting and fostering animals with medical issues. 



  • Having pets with medical issues can get expensive. Medications, taking blood work, and constant vet visits can add up. 
  • Their lifespan might not be as long. Whether it’s from the disease itself or the medication it can affect a pet’s life span.
  • It can be more time-consuming. Pets with medical issues will likely need special care or certain medication that needs to be done at specific times every single day. 


  • You could be saving that animal’s life from euthanization. 
  • You will have someone that will love you unconditionally. 
  • You are giving them a home and a family. 
  • You will have a new best friend.
  • They are just like any other dog/cat. 
  • If you are fostering, the shelter pays for the medical costs.
  • There is pet insurance to help cover costs.


Just like any animal, if you can afford and take the time for them, it should be no problem adopting or fostering an animal with medical issues. The bad days of late-night vet visits and worry if they are going to be okay is well worth all the love they will give you. Sometimes the animal can be saving your life more than you are saving theirs. 


Here are some links to foster or adopt a dog with medical issues.

My dogs Zeus & Hades



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