My First Experience’s With Technology

Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s I never used much technology. It seemed like most of my time was spent outside swimming, playing in the snow, gardening, or going for walks with friends. Besides having a television in the living room and a telephone in the kitchen and a giant box like computer we didn’t have much for technology.

I do remember the only time ever using the computer was for these school disc games you could get. Each year our school had these games for sale that you could buy to help you learn things in whatever grade level you were in. Every year I would get the new game level and play about once a week.

Once middle school came around I started noticing other disc games you could buy for your computer. I bought a few different ones but can’t recall what most of them were called. However I do remember a sims game and a dog training game.

Although, I didn’t grow up with a lot of technology and access to the internet like we have today. I do think that I grew up in the perfect time to see what life was like without all the technology we have now and what it is like in today’s world.


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