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“St. Cloud sisters take on sexual assault, help survivors navigate the system”


Lee LaDue, SCSU’s coordinator of gender violence prevention, and her sister, Peggy, executive director of the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center, were featured in today’s St. Cloud Times. Here’s the article lead and a link to the full text:

During the last several decades, two sisters have become known as area leaders in sexual assault advocacy, education and prevention.

Peggy and Lee LaDue have been working in the field in Central Minnesota since the early 1990s and have, between the two of them, more than 50 years experience.

Lee has worked with many of my students over the years—both those who have worked in the Women’s Center as well as victims of sexual assault, female and male. An essential part of Lee’s caring, professional work occurs when students go to her for help. Another substantial part of what she does is working with those who choose to report assaults, including assistance as they move through the process with police and the courts. When appropriate, she also communicates with faculty as students who are victims of sexual assault move through the court process.

It sounds as if Lee is retiring at the end of the summer. I’m not sure how we’ll get along without her. I’ve referred students to her, and they’ve inevitably been grateful for her assistance. Lee has also reached out to me when a few of my students were going to court and wanted to let me know. I will really miss her presence on campus.

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