Foundations for Writing

SCSU Site for English 191


Welcome to Foundations for Writing — my blog for ENGL 191!

We’ll be using blogs in this class to

  • reflect on your experiences with issues concerning social inequality and social problems as well as the effects of social institutions in our lives
  • collect, annotate, cite, and respond to readings (both print and electronic) that will serve as the basis for your
    • narrative essay
    • reaction essays
    • and multiple-source essay
  • report on other information that you read or hear about concerning social inequality and social problems as well as the effects of social institutions on your daily lives
    • in your reading (e.g. print or electronic magazines or newspapers, Twitter, blogs, social networking sites)
    • in your viewing (e.g. TV, movies, or videos)
    • or in your listening (e.g. radio or podcasts)
  • complete activities specified on the class calendar.

Once you create your own WordPress blog, you’ll see it listed under My Sites in the upper left-hand corner of both this blog (Foundations for Writing) as well as the class blog attached to our learning community (Examining Today’s Social Issues). You’ll as be able to access the blogs of your class colleagues from My Sites.

Enjoy making your blog your own research and writing space. Dress up your blog and personalize it as you like — keeping in mind, of course, that this blog is hosted on a St. Cloud State University site and that you shouldn’t upload anything that would make SCSU administrators (or your grandparents) flinch. If you have questions about blogs, just let me know.


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