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My library (Oakland Public) is currently working with the Cherry Hill Company on a grant-funded project to develop something more or less along these lines, to be called Play@YourLibrary.  It will be Drupal-based and open source, but it’s not ready yet – we’ll be using it here for the first time in summer 2016 for our children’s, teen and adult summer programs.  We’re not calling it a gamification platform, but it will be designed to offer badges and to offer and track physical rewards.

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Subject: [lita-l] Gamification software/platforms


Hi all,


My Library is interested in exploring gamification platforms that offer badges or some form of customer rewards. Right now, we are thinking of using it for our Summer Reading programs but are interested in finding out about the other options gamification platforms might offer. The main one we have looked at is


Thank you for any recommendations you can provide.




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