Summarized by Shahrukh Khan

Group study, peer relations, brainstorming, and communication are the modern form of pedagogy. In constructivist instructional methods, students tend to gain brainstorming and teamwork strategies but along with that, there are also able to enhance their communication skills. The article emphasis on the importance of communication among the students. Discussion based learning can help in achieving learning objectives in the classroom. The modern strategy has been used by teachers in London’s public schools. Oracy in classroom triggers effective communication. It guides students to always respect each other’s ideas and be prepared to change your mind. It also assists students to clarify, challenge, summarize, and build on each other’s ideas. Oracy enhances teamwork as it Invites someone to contribute by asking a question (Edutopia, 2016).



Edutopia. (2016, September 15). Oracy in the Classroom: Strategies for Effective Talk. Retrieved from Edutopia: