D2L Week: January 14-18

D2L Week:  January 14-18

Monday, January 14, 1-2PM

Introduction and Orientation

Tuesday, January 15, 1-2PM
Course Builder

Wednesday, January 16, 1-2PM

Thursday, January 17, 1-2PM
D2L and Pedagogy: A Practical Guide for Learning and Teaching

Friday, January 18, 1-2PM
News, LOR, Rubrics: Improved teaching and learning

Limited space; please consider registering at:  https://secure.mnsu.edu/mnscupd/login/default.asp?campusid=0073

For any questions, recommendations, suggestions, please use the following contact:

Plamen Miltenoff
320-308-3072 | pmiltenoff@stcloudstate.edu


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