Use of Respondus to convert your MS Word quizzes into D2L

Update Aug 14, 2015

Institution Name: MnSCU
Local Support Contact(s):
Installation Password/License Key: ZR621353036-172435226


If you are considering populating your quizzes with material in MS Word (.docx or doc) format, please download the Respondus software from this location:

If you need help installing Respondus on your computer, please let us know: Respondus is installed in the Professional Development Room (PDR) in Miller center. PDR is also known as MC 205 in Miller Center. Here are directions how to get to the room:

Institution Name: MnSCU

Local Support Contact(s): or

Installation Password: ZR328351167-172435226

License Key: ZR528352413-172435226

Basic information is available in this PDF document:

Please email if you need more help.

Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome

Please consider your D2L Respondus sessions; sign in at:

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