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Fraps: Real-time video capture and benchmarking…

Benchmarking Software – Show how many Frames Per Second (FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen.  Perform custom benchmarks and measure the frame rate between any two points.  Save the statistics out to disk and use them for your own reviews and applications.

Screen Capture Software – Take a screenshot with the press of a key!  There’s no need to paste into a paint program every time you want a new shot.  Your screen captures are automatically named and timestamped.

Realtime Video Capture Software – Have you ever wanted to record video while playing your favourite game?  Come join the Machinima revolution!  Throw away the VCR, forget about using a DV cam, game recording has never been this easy!  Fraps can capture audio and video up to 7680×4800 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second!

SoftChalk instruction available…

SoftChalk, similarly to LodeStar, allows instructors to “create, customize and personalize content by mashing up your own materials with rich media, interactive exercises, quizzes and text.”

Here is an example of content created with SoftChalk:

To download SoftChalk, please go to

Let us know, if you need support and training sessions:

Licensing keys: pls request from Mark Kotcho (

Technology Instruction Week March 25 – March 29: Social Media

Technology Instruction Week: Social Media
March 25 – March 29

MC 205 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm

o Monday
Facebook: does it belong in the classroom? Why, how and when…
o Tuesday
Apps for collaboration and creativity
o Wednesday
I found a job on Twitter….
o Thursday
LinkedIn is my resume…
o Friday
Is social media a nuance or perfect opportunity for school?

Register for the 1:00pm session at (not required):

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Technology Instruction Week March 18 – March 22: Files management

Technology Instruction Week: Files management
March 18 – March 22

MC 205 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm

o Monday
Basics of files management
o Tuesday
Accessing my files from anywhere and anytime
o Wednesday
Storing, preserving and archiving files. Forever?…
o Thursday
Organizing and transporting files and folders
o Friday
Data handling and analyzing

Register for the 1:00pm session at (not required):

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on Twitter: @SCSUtechInstruc | #techworkshop

Request your D2L Courses

Use the “Faculty Course Request” to submit a request for your Summer 2013 courses.

Log in with your HuskyNetID and password to select from your currently assigned courses. You can select multiple course sections to be combined into one D2L course or you can have a separate D2L course created for each course section.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your courses to be created. Students will be populated approximately 2 weeks before the start of the term.

D2L course start dates will be set to 3 days prior to the Course Start Date. End dates will be set to 49 days after the course end date.

To accommodate incompletes:

  • Go to Communications -> Classlist
  • Check the box in front of the student(s) that needs access
  • Click the Enrollment link (above the student list)
  • Click the –Select a New Role– dropdown and change the student(s) role to Student Incomplete
  • Click Save

If you have any questions, please contact

Your q/s, our a/s: math equations for quiz questions

Does anyone have experience with creating math equations for quiz questions either directly in D2L, using MathML and MathJax, Respondus, or another application that can be integrated into D2L?

More questions? Solutions: please logged them in

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