Ways to Deter Cheating in Your Online Classes

Nice short visual online tutorial, which can help with ideas…:



One thought on “Ways to Deter Cheating in Your Online Classes

  1. Cheating Isn’t the Problem; Cheating Is a Symptom
    By Bill Page

    The U.S. educational autocracy is an incestuous, bureaucrat “top down” nightmare rigged against effective teaching that uses its authority to refuse to accept accountability and fallibility for the teaching, which they control and supervise. Now, while we need a complete and thorough evaluation of what some initial media reports named “The Atlanta Mess,” school officials have an opportunity to go directly to the root cause of its problems. Characteristically, they will, no doubt, divert the investigation to a full focus on symptoms, primarily concerned with covering their posteriors and placing blame instead of uncovering the real problems.

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