Collaborative cloud-based tools to consider, Real-Time Collaboration Tools

5 Free Cloud-Based Document Collaboration Tools to Power Your Productivity

  1. Evernote
    Learn More about Evernote with These Excellent Video Tutorials ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning 
  2. Google Docs
    Kaizena: add audio comments to the  content of your Google documents 
  3. MindMeister (paid, might want to skip it)
  4. Trello
  5. WordPress—collaboration-tools.html#!


Doodle  – Meeting Wizard

Google Drive, formerly known as Google Docs

The 10 best powerPoint Alternatives!

33 Highly Useful Presentation Tools!


20 Options for Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Neat Chat: It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to have online conversations with a group of friends or colleagues. It provides a clean, fast and robust chat room where you can share files, send private messages and even access conversations that happened in your absence.

Today’s Meet: Allows you to have quick conversations in private online chat rooms. It has a back channel which gives you the ability to adjust your audience’s needs and emotions. In your chat room you can use live stream to make comments, ask questions and use that feedback to tailor your presentations to address your audience’s needs

Zoho Writer: Is a powerful rich text-editor for Android devices, which allows you to create documents seamlessly with a rich feature-set. You can either save these docs in local devices or cloud devices like Zoho Docs. Zoho Docs workspace is a collaboration tool, which allows you to share work on the same doc with other people in real-time.

Scriblink: Is a free digital whiteboard that users can share online in real-time. It can be used by up to 5 users at the same time. It can be used just for fun or for more practical things like layout planning, concept diagramming, or tutoring a friend.

Stinto: Is for creating free chats and inviting others to join just by sending a simple link. It allows you to share photos and images with others. You can upload photos, sketches, diagrams, etc. to your chat for others to view.

Mind42: Allows collaborative online mind-mapping and brainstorming. It runs in your browser and allows you to manage your ideas alone or while working in a group. It allows you to quickly create, manage and edit the data structure required for mind maps.

Scribblar: Offers you an online whiteboard, real-time audio, document upload, text-chat and more. It is a perfect online-tutoring platform. You can use it to revise artwork and images; create brainstorming, product demos, interviews and tests.

CoSketch: Is a multi-user online whiteboard designed to give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas as images. Anything you paint is shared in real-time and can be saved and embedded on forums, blogs, etc.

Twiddla: Is a real-time online collaboration tool, which allows text and audio chat in real-time. It also allows you to review websites within the application.

Etherpad: Is an open source online editor providing collaborative editing in real-time. You can write articles, press releases, to-do lists and more along with your friends or colleagues all working on the same doc at the same time.

Tinychat: It lets you create a private chat room in an instant, the URL of which can be emailed to others to participate in real-time. It is very easy to use and also has features to support video capability.

FlashMeeting: Is an easy-to-use online meeting application. A meeting is pre-booked by a registered user and a URL, containing a unique password for the meeting, is returned by the FlashMeeting server, which is passed on to the people who want to participate.

BigMarker: It combines messaging, file sharing and video calls into one place. BigMarker communities have features for conferencing for up to 100 people, presenting PowerPoints and other docs, sharing your screen, recording, storing, exporting sessions and more. Is a web and mobile meeting organizer which brings the benefits of online collaboration to both online and offline meetings. It provides a dedicated online meeting space for scheduling, material sharing and agenda setting.

Conceptboard: It provides instant whiteboards to create a platform for you to communicate with your team. Feedback on visual content is easy and there is support for tasks, reports and more. It simplifies and improves collaboration on visual content and accelerates collaboration processes within your team.

Speek: Allows you to simply organize conference calls. Speek uses a personal or business link instead of a phone number and PIN for conference calls. Participants can join or start a call from their phone, web or mobile browser. You can see who’s joined, who’s talking, share files, use call controls and more.

Draw It Live: Is a free application that allows you to work together with other people to draw in real-time. You can create a whiteboard and share its URL with other people to let them join.

LiveMinutes: Is an online conferencing app. A unique URL address is created for your conference that you can share with people you want to connect with. You can share audio, virtual whiteboards, documents, etc. and a feature to share videos is coming soon.

FlockDraw: Is an online whiteboard based painting and drawing tool. It makes it easy to draw online free with multiple people participation. There can be unlimited people in a room with drawing updates in real-time.

VIDquik: Is a video-conferencing platform where you can connect and talk with anyone you want. You just need to enter the Email of the person you want to call, they click on the link and the two of you are in a web-based video call.

3 Comments on Collaborative cloud-based tools to consider, Real-Time Collaboration Tools

  1. Plamen Miltenoff
    June 2, 2016 at 9:24 pm (4 years ago)

    An oldie, but a goodie: I like Padlet as you can create a “wall or space”. Then share, embed, and link out to all sorts of media. Everyone can post without having to log in or you can secure it as well.

    Here is a quick tool list by type of technology we try and update every so often:

    Ginger Hunt
    Director of Online Learning and Instructional Design

    James E. Rogers College of Law
    The University of Arizona
    1201 E. Speedway Blvd #204
    Tucson, AZ 85721-0176
    (520) 621-5693

    It allows for multiple people editing at the same time (ala Google Docs), it allows for unlimited whiteboard space, it has a great way to frame up sections if it gets really big, and all the tools you can really think of (add video embeds, screenshots of web pages, arrows, boxes, sticky notes, etc.).

    I have only used it a few times – but looks promising. If others have used this – would love to hear more.


    Eric Palson
    Director, Academic Technologies
    Academic Technology Innovation Center, Babson College
    (o) 781.239.6349 || (m) 781.690.5140

  2. Plamen Miltenoff
    June 20, 2016 at 6:46 pm (4 years ago)

    From: “Larsen, Lars-Jacob E [ITACD]”
    Date: June 10, 2016 at 9:05:30 AM CDT
    Subject: Re: [BLEND-ONLINE] Tips needed on online student collaboration tools
    Reply-To: “The EDUCAUSE Blended and Online Learning Constituent Group Listserv”
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    So far, it looks like Realtimeboard or Nureva would be the best for our purposes.

    Others suggested the following tools, in no particular order:

    • Mindmup
    • Stormboard
    • GroupZap
    • Padlet
    • Cage
    • GoVisually
    • MarQueed

    If I end up reviewing any of these I’ll share the reviews to the list.




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