Technology is not a magic bullet.

Technology is not a magic bullet.

Professional development for administrators and educators often focuses on the “how does it work” as opposed to how should we use this to help students make meaning, communicate, collaborate, and create?  Many unfairly assume that educators are chomping at the bit to design instructional learning experiences using technology.  This is true in some cases.  In other cases, laptops are used as paperweights at worst, and for word processing at best. Tablets are used for games and low level practice skill and drill. A teacher who focuses on memorization and low level thinking skills will not all of a sudden change their stripes when handed a new device.   – See more at:

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  1. Heraclio Munoz
    October 12, 2017 at 3:49 am (1 month ago)

    The reality is that many companies have also ventured into the BYOD phenomenon. The technological advantages which have been placed in the palm our hands needs to be used in a beneficial matter. However, there is an increased risk factor in network security that comes along with BYOD. I was just reading up on the lanner-america webpage about some of the implementations being made by companies to secure their networks


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