D2L Known Issues Reminder:

D2L Known Issues Reminder:

We are entering spring semester 2014 with D2L version 10.1 SP13.  This is a reminder of some of the known issues that we are still experiencing.

These are by no means the only known issues we are dealing with, but they are particularly troublesome at the beginning of the semester when instructors are copying courses forward and editing their quizzes.

1.  Attempting to delete questions in a quiz or question collection produces an error and/or does not delete all of the questions selected for deletion.

Workaround is to attempt to delete only a few questions at a time.

2.  Cannot change the number of questions to be drawn from a random question set.

No workaround.  Only option is to create a new random set and enter the correct number of questions to draw from the set.

3.  Some surveys and checklists that are copied forward into a new course become un-editable or cannot be deleted.  Typically this will happen when there are start or end dates for the surveys and checklists and those dates are set to display on the calendar.

Workaround/Fix:  This issue requires a manual database fix by our SSA team.

Submit a ticket, including Course OU#,  name of survey or checklist (and name of checklist items).  Also, go to the specific survey or checklist, copy the URL and include it in the ticket–this will provide the item ID so it can be located and fixed in the database.

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