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CMS (Course Management System/Software) alternatives

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on January 12, 2014

Desire2Learn (D2L) is the MnSCU purchased commercial product of CMS.

Prior to D2L, MnSCU paid license to WebCT. WebCT merged with Blackboard, which at the moment is the largest CMS.

in the first decade of the 21st century, dozens of commercial CMS products appeared on the market, but they were gradually absorbed mostly by Blackboard (BB).

The advent of Web 2.0 tools, such as blogs and wikis offered viable alternative to the commercial CMS. Further, open source products such as Drupal and Sakai posed additional competition to commercial CRS.

Last but not least, with the advent of cloud computing, a new generation of products are competing with BB and D2L

Alternatives to D2L:
Moodle, Drupal, Sakai
Edmodo, Sophia (, Piazza, Prulu


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  1.   Plamen Miltenoff Says:

    EdGnome is a world class cloud-based LMS for K-12 and higher education institutions. It has best in class features, Software-as-a-service managed IT support and free implementation, with options to customize base on your needs.

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