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Technology Week: File management

Technology Week: File management

  • Monday
    Basics of file management
  • o   Tuesday
    Accessing my files from anywhere and anytime
  • o   Wednesday
    Storing, preserving and archiving files. Forever?…
  • o   Thursday
    Organizing and transporting files and folders
  • o   Friday
    Data handling and analyzing

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9 Ways to Improve Social Media Shares of your Content

9 Ways to Improve Social Media Shares of your Content


1) Choose Topics People Care About

2) Rewrite That Headline!

3) Make Posts More “Skimmable”

4) Don’t Skimp on Pictures or Graphics

5) Improve Ease of Sharing

6) Prime the Pump

7) Build Your Social Foundation

8) Don’t Be Selfish!

9) Connect with Current Events or Memes

What have you done to increase Social Sharing?

29 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros


RivalIQ, Pocket, ShareRoot, PowToon, EveryoneSocial, vCita, OptinMonster, smqueue, Nimble, BuzzSumo, Harvest, Calendly, Friends+Me, BuzzFork, Newsle, Piktochart, 22Social, Jelly, NeedTagger, Pushover and IFTTT, Swayy, Circloscope, Songza, Talkwalker,

Hang w/,

Many apps have been used to stream live video to friends and followers, but Hang w/ takes it to the next level by integrating with iOS and Android, as well as delivering the live stream to Facebook’s news feed.

As a broadcaster, you can select 3-, 6- or 9-minute “hang” sessions, and enter a custom title for each live video stream.

Meddle, tchat.io, Canva, LeadPages


Associating dropbox folders with grading items

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to associate your dropbox folder with a grading items, go to your dropbox module

dropbox grading items

select the dropbox folder and click on edit folder

dropbox grading items edit folder


scroll down and choose the grading times, which needs to be associated with that folder.

dropbox grading items sellect item


Additional resources:


Grading a D2L Dropbox with a Rubric http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP-_RNiRV-k


D2L Dropbox: Creating a Dropbox Folder



Techweek: Hybrid (Blended) and Distributive Learning

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