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Infographics: how to create them…

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on April 9, 2014

here are links to the tools:,,

Caitlin Bagley’s Slideshare presentation:


bagley_infographics_workshop (PDF file ready to download)
Establishing Credibility
The primary focus of using infographics is not to teach them how to create, but rather to interpret dataTeach students not to fear numbers, and how to read it.Before we create, make sure we know how to read critically infographics

What are Infographics? Definition:

  • they’re the merging of art and information on charts to highlight specific bits of information.
  • Portmanteau of Information + Graphic

Data Sources: where do you get your data from?
From the library dbases:
From the Internet:
US CensusStatistical Ready Reference (Data Planet)
Simmons OneView
S&P NetAdvantage

Tools: Piktochart,,

What do you want to achieve?
1.Learn about statistics resources at the library
2.Be aware of the ramifications of bad data.

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    Tips on pairing fonts from PiktoChart:

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