Xiaomi Is The Most Successful Tech Company That Most People Have Never Heard Of


Xiaomi’s business model differs fundamentally from Apple’s. In fact, it’s almost an inverse. Apple is a high-margin company.

Unlike Apple, however, Xiaomi sells its devices at or near cost. A top-of-the-line phone from Samsung can sell for the equivalent of $500 or more in China. Apple has yet to launch its iPhone 6 and 6S in China, but a recent press release suggests the retail price for an iPhone 6 will start at 5,288 RMB, or roughly $861. Xiaomi’s 64-gigabyte Mi 4 phone, its high-end model, sells for around $400. Its entry-level Redmi 1S retails for significantly less: a little over $100 in China and India.

Read more: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2014/10/xiaomi_the_apple_of_china_the_company_might_help_make_your_iphone_a_lot.html#ixzz3G3uHnB16


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