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Report Finds Teachers Underutilize Resources for Digital Games in the Classroom

Certain types of games are favored over others, and that duration plays a key part. “Teachers tend to use shorter form games that could be finished in a class period or just a few minutes. Because developers realize that teachers can fit a shorter form game into a classroom period, they’re going to make those games.”

games used in the classroom

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    Of possible interest:

    On Prezi: Guardians of the Classroom: Transformative Play for Learning —
    (Mainly for k12 enviornments, but of possible application at lower levels of HiEd. Several of Anastasia Salter’s presentations re: games, gaming, gamification, are linked from this page)

    On Chronicle of Higher Education: Report from the UNF Academic Technology Innovation Symposium —
    (Nothing really radical in the report, but a good example of regional exchange of best practices and teaching/learning experiments—the “meat” of higher education. There could be something in the latter—the exchange—that LRS could pursue. Does MnSCU still have its iTeach conference? Has it been subsumed into the MnSCU ITS conference—which doesn’t reach faculty?)


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