presentation design rules

5 presentation design rules worth breaking

Rule to break: You need a cohesive theme. What to do instead: Give your audience a tasteful curveball

If you really want to keep your audiences engaged and awake, try throwing in a completely one-off and random picture that still tie into your message

Rule to break: Your slides need to be perfect. What to do instead: Optimize your environment

room décor, body language, or even sounds

Rule to break: Follow a proven template. What to do instead: Craft a story that shines

Use case studies to supplement your tips. Interject yourself into your narrative. Pull your audiences into your experiences, anecdotes, and perspectives.

Rule to break: Be blunt. What to do instead: Use subtle cues

I use software that lets me zoom in and out of the content I’m sharing

Rule to break: Break rules. What to do instead: Use your best UX judgment

You’ll want to break some rules: just not all of them. A rule that you should never, ever break is the importance of keeping things readable.

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