Gref urged to radically change the Russian model of education

He called to radically change the Russian model of education, beginning with kindergartens and ending with universities.

«We are trying to reproduce the old Soviet, absolutely worthless education system, we nephelem in children huge amount of knowledge», — said the head of Sberbank, adding that to change the model of education we had yesterday.

Herman Gref also stressed that he did not believe in the effectiveness of online education.

His statement also implies that in General, Russia has become a «non-downshifters»: was among the States that «lose», which did not have time to adapt our economy and entire social system to a new reality.

he got it totally right. It is pity that he talks only about Russian education. It will be even more sad, if the US education does not dig into his words

Gref has included Russia in the list of countries of downshifters

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