teachers don’t use technology

11 Reasons why teachers don’t use technology

Lack of training

Training teachers to keep up technological change needs to be constant and if possible self directed so teachers can get the training they need to achieve the goals they want to achieve.

Wrong kind of training – Technical rather than pedagogical

Training needs to be delivered by pedagogical experts who can give teachers hands on experience of using technology to learn.

Wrong kind of training – Not relevant to teaching context

Training examples need to be applied to the materials and content that teachers actually need and have to teach as part of their syllabus.

Wrong trainer

Training needs to be balanced with a critical eye so that teachers also understand the pitfalls, problems and limitations that accompany the use of technology.

Wrong tech

Schools need to be wary edtech hardware vendors. The lifetime of most edtech hardware tends to be pretty short and like mobile phones, the new model can make previous models look tired and old fashioned very quickly.

Lack of syllabus integration

Technology can’t be an add on or extra work. It has to be integrated into and help them with the material they have to cover in the classroom with their students.

Lack of consultation

Teachers need to be part of the selection and procurement process to ensure that they are getting the technology they want and need.

Lack of support at the chalkface

Tech support needs to be delivered in a way that serves and supports the teachers rather than the other way around. Teachers do need to be trained in how to articulate and describe teach problems with accuracy.

Lack of infrastructure

Before investing in classroom hardware schools need to make sure they have sufficient connectivity infrastructure to support the modes of use that teachers will apply with it.

Unrealistic expectations

Technology needs to be applied with an understanding of how it can enable a transformation in students’ pedagogical experience and teachers’ pedagogical practices.


In many cases teachers see the technology as a hindrance or unnecessary to achieving their aims and in some cases this may be correct.

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