Failure to lead

Failure to Lead (what your team will never tell you)

Craig Janssen  Jun 17, 2019

leadership is about people, not production. it doesn’t matter how big of an expert you are in your field, mastery isn’t the same as influence.

The problem is that the people on your team aren’t you. Not only are their strengths and talents different — their output is different.

So, you wind up putting controls in place.

controls are temporary in their results. They don’t create loyalty or a following.

Not only that, but the controls work against you because by their very nature, they make people feel as if they aren’t trusted. And that lack of trust is a huge limiter on your influence.

Trust has to be given before it is received, and there is no influence without trust.

why do so many organizations rely on control to produce output? In short, because control is far easier to achieve than influence. control like sugar. It’s easy to get. It’s addictive. It’s tasty. It feels good and feeds our ego. It provides instant rewards — so we often ignore that it’s not a long-term strategy. Besides, control is a quick fix when it comes to output.If control is sugar, then influence is more like protein. It’s full of the building blocks for muscle. It takes time and consistency to build. But it also has more strength and staying power.

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