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your q/s, our a/s: D2L course request issues for faculty nor registered as Instructor of Record

Good morning!

I am a new faculty member, in the Department of !!!!!!!!!. I have been waiting my teaching courses to be listed on D2L, but still I cannot see them. It’s maybe because I am still listed as “Staff” instead of “Professor.” Could you please check this out for me?

Good morning !!!!!!

Please have directions from the IMS blog (keep in mind using it as FAQ regarding D2L) how to request D2L courses:

If you log into that dbase, you will see the following picture:

no classes available in the D2L request dbase

which means that you, your department [chair] and Records and Registration must enter you as the Instructor of Record (what you call “Professor”)
Only after that you will see in the above-mentioned dbase your name and you will be able to request your D2L course.
We are not able to do more on our side.
THank you and let me know, if more questions.

your q/s, our a/s: students registered for class, but cannot see D2L course

questions and answers Q:
As of May XX 1130am my E services (with 11 students) show those names and their ID nmbrs below00XXXXX Doe, John
00XXXXX Doe, Jane

but their names are not on D2L classlist. My classlist shows only 9 names. The first day is tomorrow (21st).

A:   — both students need to activate their huskynet ids.  They will use their e-services info to log in and activate the account.  Once the account is activated, they should populate in D2L.  If they do it today, it is still possible they will show up in the classlist tomorrow.

Request your D2L Courses

Use the “Faculty Course Request” to submit a request for your Summer 2013 courses.

Log in with your HuskyNetID and password to select from your currently assigned courses. You can select multiple course sections to be combined into one D2L course or you can have a separate D2L course created for each course section.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your courses to be created. Students will be populated approximately 2 weeks before the start of the term.

D2L course start dates will be set to 3 days prior to the Course Start Date. End dates will be set to 49 days after the course end date.

To accommodate incompletes:

  • Go to Communications -> Classlist
  • Check the box in front of the student(s) that needs access
  • Click the Enrollment link (above the student list)
  • Click the –Select a New Role– dropdown and change the student(s) role to Student Incomplete
  • Click Save

If you have any questions, please contact