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release final grades D2L

short (5 min) tutorial available

D2L Grading. Release your final grades to students; common pitfalls.

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Associating dropbox folders with grading items

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to associate your dropbox folder with a grading items, go to your dropbox module

dropbox grading items

select the dropbox folder and click on edit folder

dropbox grading items edit folder


scroll down and choose the grading times, which needs to be associated with that folder.

dropbox grading items sellect item


Additional resources:

Grading a D2L Dropbox with a Rubric


D2L Dropbox: Creating a Dropbox Folder


D2L gradebook response issue

Significant number of faculty have reported issues with the D2L gradebook over the past several days.  In response to these incidents and also based on the advice of the MnSCU D2L Team, the grade book status icon has temporarily been turned off. This has improved the gradebook response time for all D2L users. The status icon will be turned on again after December 27th, 2013. If you are still experiencing slow gradebook response times, please email Thank you for your patience and understanding

grade items not in the correct categories when I copy them to a new course

Q: Why aren’t the grade items in the correct categories when I copy them to a new course?

Issue: In the Copy Course Components tool, if you select individual grade items rather than copying ALL grade items, the grade items do not stay associated with the correct categories. (This issue exists in the current version 10.1 SP9)
Workaround: In the Copy Course Components tool, copy all grade items into the new course and then simply remove the ones you don’t want from the new course.
Note: This issue only exists for Copy Course Components. If you export selected grade items, the grade category associations are retained accurately.

your q/s, our a/s: filter and search for Quiz Submissions and Dropbox Submissions

Question: How do I filter and search for Quiz Submissions and Dropbox Submissions?Answer: This has been confusing to users who expect the filter to run automatically after they select a filter option from the drop-down.  It is necessary to click the Search icon/button to display the filter results.

See FAQ with screen shots at this link:

How to perform Filter and Search in Quiz and Dropbox

(FAQ of the Week links are also published at )

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