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D2L Issue / Solution: recalculate quizzes

Issue: When grading an individual quiz attempt, you have to go to the top of the page to click Recalculate, then to the bottom of the page to click Save.Solution:  Use keyboard shortcuts to move from top to bottom of page in D2L.  This can be useful on other D2L screens as well.FAQ

This issue with the Quiz “Recalculate” and “Save” buttons being on opposite ends of the screen has been submitted to D2L and we’ve asked to have both buttons placed together on the top and bottom of the screen. In the meantime, use this workaround to avoid the excessive scrolling.


your q/s our answers: feature within D2L that may be exploited by students to cheat on quizzes and exams

This email is in regard to a feature within D2L that may be exploited by students to cheat on quizzes and exams.SUMMARY

D2L allows students to re-enter a quiz after leaving the quiz for any reason.  This feature is useful for recovering from internet connection problems or other disruptions.  This feature can be exploited by two students, one in the classroom and one outside of the classroom, to enter a quiz or exam in quick succession.  The second student (the re-entrant student) can then take the quiz on behalf of the student in the classroom while both are connected to the same quiz. The instructor can make such collaboration difficult but cannot completely prevent it.

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We are actively investigating along with D2L methods of addressing this issue.  We don’t expect to be able to completely prevent such behavior due to undesirable consequences for other students, but we are working on detecting it so appropriate notifications can be made and action can be taken quickly.

If you need more information on the issue, prevention, and possible solutions, please contact your local D2L System Administrator or Dick McMullen at or Chuck Morris at

Sheri Steinke, Ph.D.
Director of Online Learning
Adjunct Faculty CIM & BUSN, CSCI
Certified Quality Matters™ Online Trainer and Peer Reviewer



Mastery Learning: the middle ground between individual tutoring and a lecture

5 Tips: Learn more effectively in class with Mastery Learning

In traditional classrooms, students progress through the class regardless of their level of achievement.  In mastery learning classrooms, students must fully understand (demonstrate mastery of) the material before moving on to the next topic.  Mastery learning is about how students navigate through exercises and assignments.

In the SCSU case, particularly D2L, technique can be applied by creating training, versus assessment D2L quizzes for students and allow unlimited number of takes, but condition the quizzes to allow the student to pass to the next chapter in D2L content only after reaching a certain quiz score.


Your q/s, our a/s: math equations for quiz questions

Does anyone have experience with creating math equations for quiz questions either directly in D2L, using MathML and MathJax, Respondus, or another application that can be integrated into D2L?

More questions? Solutions: please logged them in

Your questions, our answers: connecting quiz grade with grading items

Your questions, our answers: connecting quiz grade with grading items

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