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first snow in 360

Well, technically not the first for 2016, but certainly beautiful:

Best experience with VR goggles: Google Cardbox, HTC Vive etc. (please ask for more info if needed). If you have goggles, choose “VR Mode” (1), if viewing on your computing device (desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet) and/or don’t have goggles, choose “Panorama Mode” (2)

Virtual Reality


If you would like to brainstorm ideas to apply Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and/or 360 video in your courses, please let us know…

Pro Domo Sua: Are We Puppets in a Wired World? Surveillance and privacy revisited…

Are We Puppets in a Wired World?

But while we were having fun, we happily and willingly helped to create the greatest surveillance system ever imagined, a web whose strings give governments and businesses countless threads to pull, which makes us…puppets. The free flow of information over the Internet (except in places where that flow is blocked), which serves us well, may serve others better. Whether this distinction turns out to matter may be the one piece of information the Internet cannot deliver.


a possibility for instructors to manage media files outside of D2L: Kaltura’s Media Space.

MnSCU is working on a system for media management available at this stage specifically for faculty:

From: Lesley Blicker []
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013 4:44 PM
To: Desire2Learn Campus Trainers
Cc: Todd Digby
Subject: Recording of MediaSpace (Kaltura) Update – from Friday, Aug 16

Here is the recording from the session Todd Digby facilitated last Friday.

It’s the update of the Media Management System project, using Kaltura’s Media Space. The first 21 minutes (approx.) are of Todd showing how Media Space works, including how to upload caption files (if you have one), and just about everything there is to do in terms of uploading, recording, and managing files.

Starting at 21:50, Todd provides an update in the project status including when all faculty could expect to have access to MediaSpace. Thereafter, he addresses several questions from those in attendance.

If you want to see the questions that were asked, be sure to open the Chat window by clicking on the red box with the Chat bubble in the upper right hand corner of the screen.