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LMS and embedded librarianship

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 4th May 2015

Tumbleson, B. E., & Burke, J. (. J. (2013). Embedding librarianship in learning management systems: A how-to-do-it manual for librarians. Neal-Schuman, an imprint of the American Library Association. p. 20 Embedding Academic and Research Libraries in the Curriculum: 2014-nmc-horizon-report-library-EN xi. the authors are convinced that LMS embedded librarianship is becoming he primary and most […]

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Social Homework Platform-

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 25th February 2015

Social Homework Platform Aims to Boost Student Engagement Another step ahead/afar from CMS? Koondis works in traditional large introductory lecture classrooms, blended classes and fully online courses that often are filled with students enrolled from various disciplines who are required to be there for their majors. Described as a “social homework system,” a “discussion […]

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Gamification of the LMS

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 19th November 2014

Please look at our blog entry: Gamification of the LMS – A Step Towards Evolution of the Modern LMS my note: article is written for the corporate world, but there is no reason why not apply in higher ed. While applying gaming in learning content, we create timed quizzes, mazes and other such […]

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Cloud LMS

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 2nd October 2014

5 key security points to consider while evaluating a Cloud LMS 1. User and Data Access control security policies for the end user 2. Access Through Secured Connection ( TLS/SSL and HTTPS) 3. Network Security 4. Disaster Recovery, Environmental Safeguards and Physical Access Security Policies 5. Third-party Certificates

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Delayed Email Notifcations from D2L

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 6th February 2014

Per MnSCU System Office: We are still seeing a backlog in the email queue for D2L notifications, and delays of 10-20 hours before users receive the email messages.  The mail is moving, but new messages are  coming in as fast as old ones are going out, so the queue level remains high. We have escalated […]

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Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 2nd September 2013

Qustion: Why won’t the calendar view stay maximized in D2L? Answer:  Per MnSCU System Office More questions and issues? please contact Follow us on Twitter: @scsutechinstruc #D2L

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