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audio recording

TwistedWave for Education

TwistedWave is an audio recording and editing tool that is included in Next Vista’s list of recommended tools. Through TwistedWave you can create and edit spoken audio recordings from scratch. Your completed tracks can be exported to Google Drive and SoundCloud.

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Blackboard Learn Gets Dropbox Integration

By David Nagel 10/25/2016

Announced at the Educause 2016 conference, Blackboard Learn users will now be able to collaborate on documents using the cloud sharing platform Dropbox.

My note: BB is only catching up with Google, which has Google Drive (~ Dropbox) and Google Classroom (~ BB). It doesn’t matter how much hype BB is trying to produce, the fact is that BB is behind.
D2L is even farther behind, without an integration of any video tool. Google has Google Hangouts and BB purchased several video conferencing tools until it got “the right one.”
D2L announce in 2010 an integration with Skype but it has not happened. Now, D2L will be double behind without integration of a cloud-based file space.


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free storage and backup

OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box: Which cloud storage service is right for you?

February 1, 2016,

and the British version:

Best cloud storage – Dropbox vs Google Drive vs OneDrive: free and paid compared

Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox all store your files in the cloud, but which one should you commit to? We run the numbers

More detailed information, please watch this video


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“Learn Google Apps” Site

Google has their own site to help you learn how to use Google Apps, Learn Google Apps.


The site has tips on switching from other systems, tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, videos, examples of using Google Apps and much more. You can also learn by each app individually.

There’s even an weekly episode of the “Apps Show” where you can learn about new tips and features.

no more MS Word; welcome mobile devices

Sorry, Microsoft! A Bunch Of Teenagers Just Talked About Doing School Work And None Of Them Use Word
“I’ll start typing essays on my iPhone’s Notes app,” one student said. Because of an Apple feature called “Handoff,” he can then pick up right where he left off on his computer.

Google Drive features to consider…

6 powerful Google Drive features you’re probably not using

Research Tool

The Research Tool adds a quick citation system. To launch the Research tool, click Tools > Research. You can also use keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-⌘-Shift-l on a Mac and Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I on a PC.

Power Linking

Control-K or ⌘-K.

surveys and data with Sheets

Unless you’re an Excel power user, Google’s Sheets is probably full-featured enough to handle most spreadsheet needs.

Map It

Charts tab and select Map. GeoMap option

Slides solves the groupwork dilemma

Use Hangouts for face-to-face collaboration


Single Dashboard for All of Your Cloud Storage Accounts

Single Dashboard for All of Your Cloud Storage Accounts

Still storing those pictures and documents on your hard drive? Being cramped in your Huskynet file space (1GB)? Using the 10GB space, which Dropbox gives you for free? Using Google Docs and storing them in your Google Drive account?

MultCloud offers you a single interface to navigate through all these and more cloud-based storage accounts.