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Social Media Images

How to Create Social Media Images That Connect With Your Audience

#1: Create Impact With Company Screenshots

#2: Share Interesting Facts With Infographics

#3: Get Personal With Behind-the-Scenes Shots

#4: Stimulate the Imagination With Action Shots

#5: Inspire With Quote Graphics

#6: Be Unique With Original Designs

#7: Experiment With Different Color Palettes and Fonts


Social Media: 11 Tips for Using Images on Twitter

11 Tips for Using Images on Twitter

1) Take Advantage of the Larger Header Image on Your Profile

2) Humanize Your Profile

3) Share Images Directly to Twitter

4) Put Words on Your Images to Convey Meaning at a Glance

5) Tweet a Video

6) Bright Colors in Images Get Attention

7) Horizontal Images Are Best

8) Tag People or CompaniesĀ in Images

9) Share Selfies

10) Use Twitter Cards

11) Add Pizzazz to Your Live Tweeting at Events