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Open Source: why are we not allowed to use it?

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 10th June 2014

Why Aren’t More Schools Using Free, Open Tools? Teachers were complaining that they wanted a simple way to share files and links within the classroom, like a private Twitter app. Rather than having IT professionals respond to the request, Reisinger’s students programmed a solution that they call Paper Plane. ”Those kids have code up […]

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Open or free learner response software (i.e. BYOD clickers)

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 7th February 2014

Excellent thread in the LinkedIn Higher Education Teaching and Learning discussion group: Open or free learner response software (i.e. BYOD clickers)? Dominik SeifertPh.D. Student, Experienced Software Engineer & Education Enthusiast I am currently preparing for next semester. A learner response system allows the instructor (or presenting students) to easily interact with a large audience by posing […]

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