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Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 11th December 2014

Hemingwrite Modernizes The Typewriter With An E-Ink Screen And Cloud Storage Want to get off the grid? well, not entirely, since you still will be in the “cloud.” But if you are into “disconnect” and “mindful computing,” this typewriter can be a good start  

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Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 27th September 2014

Stop Binge-Watching TV It seems that the perils of social media spill back to previous medias. The migration of TV content from TV to streaming (Neflix, Hulu etc) enables the trend of binge watching, which in addictiveness resembles greatly concerns typical for social media such as : addictiveness, poor concentration (AKA multitasking) etc. Can the […]

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contemplative computing, contemplative pedagogy and getting “unplugged”

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 5th November 2013

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Published A Book About A Child Whose Mom Takes Her iPad Away social media etiquette unplug Contemplative Pedagogy and Dealing with Technology Dan Barbezat, Amherst College; David Levy, University of Washington The accelerating pace of life is reducing the time for thoughtful reflection and in particular for contemplative scholarship, […]

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Digital Identity and Digital Citizenship

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 3rd October 2013

5 Excellent Videos to Teach Your Students about Digital Citizenship ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning bibliography: Ramspott’s blog entry best written for my personal taste, but here is a long list of additional and similar opinions: Bramman, R. (n.d.). Digital Identity Essentials: Understanding Online Etiquette and the Rules Social Media Engagement. Research Personal Branding. Retrieved October […]

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