50 Shades of Mobile

50 Shades of Mobile


Smart phones (MLDs)

LRS and mobile devices: meeting of May 27

Good afternoon,

Tom Hergert, Chris Stanley, Plamen Miltenoff and Marian Rengel discussed various aspects on mobile devices.
It was a great conversation, since we barely touched on technological aspects, but rather brainstormed on how to structure these meetings so most can benefit.
Questions/Issues/Ideas addressed:

how to choose a devices and what to use it for
do/can tablets help you work from home. Similarly to taking a laptop to work at home: how does this reflect on the social stigma of co-workers (“you are not at your office”)
can we expand the conversation beyond LRS and attract more participants by moving the monthly meeting from LRS to any of the coffee shops on campus (iSelf, LRS, Atwood)?
is there a “timer/timing” app, which can help me easily calculate the time was really “busy” with work-related tasks?
the structure of this group: who the we cater to and how
clickers were mentioned

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