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social media by the 19 years old

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 11th January 2015

A Teenager Finally Explains What Adults Just Don’t Get About Facebook, Instagram, And Snapchat Facebook: awkward family dinner party we can’t really leave Tweeter: a lot of us simply do not understand the point of Twitter. There is always a core group at every school that uses it very religiously to tweet and another […]

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disruptive technologies: from swarming to mesh networking

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 30th September 2014

How Hong Kong Protesters Are Connecting, Without Cell Or Wi-Fi Networks messaging one another through a network that doesn’t require cell towers or Wi-Fi nodes. They’re using an app called FireChat that launched in March and is underpinned by mesh networking, which lets phones unite to form a temporary Internet. My note: seems that civil […]

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Some 13-Year-Olds Tell Us Why They Think Facebook Stinks

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 3rd November 2013

Some 13-Year-Olds Tell Us Why They Think Facebook Stinks Read more: now that he has a phone, he would rather check out other cooler options, like Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram. words are less important than images and videos “I wouldn’t de-activate,” Aidan said. “It’s still a way to connect, I just won’t check it often.”

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The 10 Fastest Growing Apps This Year: Flickr is right after Vine

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 30th October 2013

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