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Facebook Horizon

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Facebook Oculus Horizon

You’ll Need A Facebook Account To Use Future Oculus Headsets – Support For Separate Oculus Accounts Will End In 2023 from r/technology

The Facebook-owned company says it will start removing support for separate Oculus accounts in October, although users can maintain an existing account until January 1st, 2023. All users can maintain a distinct “VR profile” with a separate friends list.

Facebook also says that all future unreleased Oculus devices will require a Facebook login, even if you’ve got a separate account already. The company is widely expected to announce a new version of its Oculus Quest headset this fall, and that policy would likely apply to it.

A single login also slightly simplifies launching experiences like Horizon, the social VR world that Facebook announced last year.


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Facebook Boogaloo

Facebook Has Been Profiting From Boogaloo Ads Promoting Civil War And Unrest from r/technology

Derived from the name of a 1984 movie, the term “Boogaloo” covers a range of extremists, including some believed to be violent.

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facebook algorithms

Facebook had evidence its algorithms were dividing people, but top executives killed or weakened proposed solutions from r/technology

Here's How Facebook Is Supporting Trump's Reelection

‘We’re learning exactly what Facebook is and who Mark Zuckerberg is.’ — Here’s a look at how the social media giant is helping Trump, even as employees take a standvia NowThis Politics

Posted by NowThis Future on Friday, June 12, 2020

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Facebook deep fake

Some news organisations, including the BBCNew York Times and Buzzfeed have made their own “deepfake” videos, ostensibly to spread awareness about the techniques. Those videos, while of varying quality, have all contained clear statements that they are fake.

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deepfake facebook

Facebook’s new ban targets videos that are manipulated to make it appear someone said words they didn’t actually say.


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Facebook problems

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Facebook is not free

Facebook quietly ditched the ‘It’s free and always will be’ slogan from its homepage

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