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Gimkit Kahoot Quizlet

Kahoot vs. Quizizz vs. Quizlet Live vs.GimKit


more on Kahoot in this IMS blog

quiz platforms

Six Tools for Creating Classroom Quiz Games – A Comparison Chart






Quizlet Live

more on quizzes and learning and memory in this IMS blog

quizzes and learning

Studying With Quizzes Helps Make Sure the Material Sticks

more on quizzes and learning and memory in this IMS blog

multimedia and quizzes

presented at D2L ignite April 15, 2016

Faculty migration from text-based to media-rich content: crowdsourcing the meaningful application of LMS (D2L) quizzes from Plamen Miltenoff

quizzes for practice and training

Five Types of Quizzes That Deepen Engagement with Course Content


Tropman, E., (2014). In defense of reading quizzes. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 26 (1), 140-146.

Brame, C. J. and Biel, R., (2015). Test-enhanced learning: The potential for testing to promote greater learning in undergraduate science courses. Cell Biology Education—Life Sciences Education, 14 (Summer), 1-12.

Collaborative quizzing
Quizzing with resources
Quizzing after questioning
Online quizzes completed before class


Top Five Tips for Creating Training Quizzes


More on the use of quizzes as a conversation starter and/or training tool (versus assessment tool) in this IMS blog

multimedia quizzes

7 Tools for Creating Multimedia Quizzes Compared in One Chart

You can download the chart here or find the Google Docs version here.

Video Tutorials
Riddle –

TinyTap –,

Zaption –

EduCanon –

EDpuzzle –,

Blubbr –

Google Forms –,,

The Marketer’s Guide to Using Quizzes to Reach and Engage Your Audience

The Marketer’s Guide to Using Quizzes to Reach and Engage Your Audience

Part 1: How to create an intriguing quiz

  • Know your audience.
  • Write to one person.

Write irresistible titles

Craft the questions

  • Let your personality shine.
  • Follow the pub rule.
  • Don’t be afraid to get personal.

Design results that get shared

  • Be positive.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Prepare to be shared.

Part 2: Three ways to use quizzes

To drive traffic from the social web

To generate new leads

To gather valuable information about your visitors

Part 3: How to distribute your quiz

On your website or blog

On Facebook

  • On your timeline.
  • In a custom tab.

On Twitter

D2L: drop the lowest of several quizzes for final grade

Q: I have assigned six quizzes, but would like the one with the lowest grade to be dropped for the final grading of the quizzes. How do I do that?

A: Make sure that the quizzes are under a grade category and condition the grade category to exclude the quizz with the lowest score.

How to update export of quiz grades to D2L quiz item

If you forget to check the box in front of auto export

and the quiz grades do not get exported to the D2L grade item, please consider this “SCSU TechInstruction” YouTube video:, how to fix the problem


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