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Twitter Analytics

How to Improve Your Tweets Using Twitter Analytics

Twitter ads and Twitonomy are helpful and cost-effective. Find time to go through these reports to see what works for you and your competition. The improvement in results from your Twitter marketing will be worth it.

Once you get comfortable with this kind of data review, check back every week, month or quarter to make sure that you are still hitting the optimal mark. The social media world moves fast, and analytics will help you keep pace with the changes.

Boost Twitter Engagement

5 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Engagement

#1: Refine Your Twitter Bio

#2: Act Human

#3: Ask People to Act

If you want followers, you can get more of them. If you want shares, you can get more of those, too. All you have to do is ask.

Even big brands understand the power of asking for a retweet.

Your goal is to get more engagement for your tweets, right? Sometimes you just have to ask, and many times people are happy to oblige.

#4: Harness the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags let you interact with the most viral and current topics at any given time.

Hashtags can double your Twitter engagement rate, increase your number of followers and improve your reputation.

#5: Post Consistently

Twitter job-search

SCSU students are given the narrow choice of MN e-Folio.
Since it is a MnSCU supported service, few students are exposed to additional information about the possibility of using LinkedIn as an electronic portfolio, and, respectively, tool for finding employment.  An increasing number of SCSU students circumvent even the LinkedIn possibility and search for jobs using Twitter. Here is an article, which reflects a tendency, I have been observing for the past 2 years.

Be Twitter-savvy in your job search

To increase your chances of getting the attention of a recruiter on Twitter, follow these three tips:

  1. Be strategic about your bio.
  2. Be relevant (and use discretion)
  3. Engage with the recruiter you followed.

The Digital Humanities network on Twitter

The Digital Humanities network on Twitter: Following or being followed?

an outline of “friends/following” relations in a group of 800 digital humanists on Twitter, from a quantitative point of view


25 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom, By Degree Of Difficulty

25 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom, By Degree Of Difficulty

Please contact us ( and/or follow us on social media, if you need assistance with applying Twitter, social media and/or any other technology in your classroom and syllabi

25 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom, By Degree Of Difficulty

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This Week in Social Media: Vine Introduces New Camera. Twitter add features,

This Week in Social Media:

Vine becomes more complex/potent and gets in closer competition with YouTube, Twitter gets in a closer closer competition with Facebook, YouTube becomes more complex, Facebook is further pushing adds in our lives, LinkedIn gets closer with SlideShare

Vine Introduces New Camera: “The new camera offers powerful ways to edit your videos, as well as the ability to import existing videos on your phone and turn them into Vines.”

Twitter Updates Timeline Feed: “Additionally, when we identify a tweet, an account to follow or other content that’s popular or relevant, we may add it to your timeline. This means you will sometimes see tweets from accounts you don’t follow.”

YouTube Updates App: “This YouTube app on TV will make it easier to find what you want through the Guide, and it brings you all the playlists, shelves and branding from channels.”

Facebook Updates Ad Policy: The change increases “the number of times people can see ads from a page in their news feed per day.”

LinkedIn Announces Rollout of Premium Features to All SlideShare Users: “Now, all users will have access to our most popular premium features that include detailed analytics, profile customization and additional upload options, like video and private uploads.”

10 Twitter Tactics to Increase Your Engagement

10 Twitter Tactics to Increase Your Engagement

#1: Keep Tweets Under 110 Characters 

#2: Tweet During Daytime Hours 

#3: Tweet on Saturday and Sunday

#4: Share Images 

#5: Ask for Retweets 

#6: Use Hashtags 

#7: Include Links 

#8: Stay Away From Lifestyle Tweets

#9: Use Strong Calls to Action 

#10: Send One to Four Tweets a Day 

What do you think? What Twitter techniques do you use to create engagement? Do you have additional advice for others? Please leave your comments below.

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