#week6 #Evernote assignments

Here are the #Evernote assignment for #week6
the regular #blog activities (pls mind that the minimal blog entry count has been lowered
This information has been posted in the FB group, D2L Announcements, LIB290 blog, Twitter and emailed to you. Pls let me know, if more questions.

this week foci

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#highlights for this week:
– the interest toward FB Live did not pick up; would you like to retire the tool? Meanwhile, upon your personal request (day/time) I can “meet” you: a) in person b) phone c) Adobe Connect / Skype / G hangout and discuss any questions / issues you might have
– we continue with the usual workload of: a) readings, b) discussions – both formal D2L and brainstorming FB c) Evernote assignments.
Please consider strongly working diligently on your D2L discussions. Please do work on at least 3 drafts, before submitting to the respective D2L discussion thread. Hints already shared with you, besides your good work on spelling and grammar: mind your #vocabulary (avoid “stuff, put, get and thing”) and #academicstyle (replace vernacular with academic style). A note from the SCSU’s Write Place will be a very good sign that you went through the required drafts and it might not secure you excellent grade, but it will prove that you are working toward it.
– please be reminded, once again, to invest efforts in your work with your #blogappearance (if you do NOT want to mess with your previous blog, you can work on your LIB 290 class blog, created by you in the beginning of this semester)
– please be reminded that broadcasting your information is a great start, which is rewarded, but it is only a half step. Your goal is not to post information, but to involve your audience in a #discussion, based on that information.
– please be mindful about the “video” assignments as shared in #Evernote: https://www.evernote.com/…/84c9971d-9699-455e-a93b-8d1d49e2…
if you need assistance with group work, please share on this FB group

sharing bibliography with refworks

Folks, I am reading your due #assignments on the #SemesterResearchProjects and I like the ingenuity used by Chelsea to share her online dbases research. Chelsea Bauman is using a snapshot of her #Refworks collection.
Please have a more sophisticated approach to share your compiled #bibliography with your peers [and myself]:

Please do consider that this option of #Refworks places the application in the realm of social networking cites. It will be helpful also to know that besides the SCSU purchased RefWorks, there might be more useful options for you, such as Mendeley and Zotero
Please let me know, if you find the #videotutorial useful and if you need more

Quality of writing your D2L discussions

Folks, here some tips to improve your writing (and grade), considering the #D2LDiscussionRubric shared with you in the beginning of this class:
also available here:
Until this point, we focused on the format. Now, that we all are comfortable with the assignments (and how to do them), we need to focus on the quality of the content. Being an academic institution, we need to honor academic writing.
In this sense, I strongly suggest that you start observing vigorously the following issues:
– stop using words such as : “get,” “put,” “staff,” and “thing.” The English language presides over 120K words and you must seek a suitable word to precisely express your thoughts.
– Cannot end a sentence with a verb (sentence structure).
– Commas are used for a reason, please do not abandon them.
– Do go through three drafts before you post on D2L discussion
Need more help?
– This blog has infographics, which can prove helpful, use “proofreading” as a keyword and search:
SCSU’s Write Place can be reached online: