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#highlights for this week:
– the interest toward FB Live did not pick up; would you like to retire the tool? Meanwhile, upon your personal request (day/time) I can “meet” you: a) in person b) phone c) Adobe Connect / Skype / G hangout and discuss any questions / issues you might have
– we continue with the usual workload of: a) readings, b) discussions – both formal D2L and brainstorming FB c) Evernote assignments.
Please consider strongly working diligently on your D2L discussions. Please do work on at least 3 drafts, before submitting to the respective D2L discussion thread. Hints already shared with you, besides your good work on spelling and grammar: mind your #vocabulary (avoid “stuff, put, get and thing”) and #academicstyle (replace vernacular with academic style). A note from the SCSU’s Write Place will be a very good sign that you went through the required drafts and it might not secure you excellent grade, but it will prove that you are working toward it.
– please be reminded, once again, to invest efforts in your work with your #blogappearance (if you do NOT want to mess with your previous blog, you can work on your LIB 290 class blog, created by you in the beginning of this semester)
– please be reminded that broadcasting your information is a great start, which is rewarded, but it is only a half step. Your goal is not to post information, but to involve your audience in a #discussion, based on that information.
– please be mindful about the “video” assignments as shared in #Evernote:…/84c9971d-9699-455e-a93b-8d1d49e2…
if you need assistance with group work, please share on this FB group

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